Doing Business with Xakary FAQ

How much do you charge?
Just fill out this quick and easy form, and I will provide you with an instant price quote that has complete details of everything included in my birthday party shows, along with pricing.
Are you the cheapest magician?
If you’re shopping for a magician by lowest price, you may be very disappointed on the day of your child’s special party.  When you hire me, you’re getting a guaranteed show from a full-time professional.  Don’t be fooled by the low prices that some magicians charge–if you hire based on price alone, you might get a part-time hobbyist who knows a few magic tricks, but doesn’t know how to really entertain and weave it all together into a great show, or someone who doesn’t specialize in magic for children.  I have studied and perfected my shows over the years, and am a proud member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, as well as Kidabra, the premier association for children’s performers–I have learned from the best!  I treat your event like the special occasion that it is and I will help create lifetime memories for everyone in attendance.  Plus, I’m the only Seattle Magician to be voted through the audition rounds on America’s Got Talent!
Do you require a deposit?
For birthday parties, I do not require a deposit.  After you book a show with me, I will email you a clear, concise confirmation letter.
What if I have questions before my party?
Don’t worry–my service starts before the show, and it’s easy to do business with me.  1-2 days prior to the show, I will give you a call to re-confirm and answer any last-minute questions.  If you have any questions or concerns at any time, I encourage you to call or email me–I return all calls and emails promptly.
What forms of payment do you accept?
Pretty much anything–cash, checks, and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) are all welcome as payment.

Day of Show FAQ

Xakary will turn your living room into a magic theatre!

Do you require a lot of space?
For a birthday party, I can fit my show in a typical living room.  I need about 6 feet of width, and 5 feet of depth.  The kids can sit on the floor right in front of me.  My setup is pictured on this page.
Do I need to provide you with a table or other stuff?
Other than a cleared space, you don’t need to provide anything.  I bring a free-standing backdrop curtain, a suitcase that opens up into a table, and everything else I need.  One thing that is helpful for me is a close parking space.  I’ll even provide a “Reserved for Magician” parking sign that you can put out for me.
When is a good time to have the show during the party?
I recommend having the show start 15-30 minutes after the party start time.  You will often have late arrivals, and this way they won’t miss (or interrupt) the show.
Can the kids eat or drink during the show?
It’s your party, but I don’t recommend it.  My shows are very interactive, and the kids might make a mess if they have food or drinks to manage when they get excited.
When is the best time during the party for the kids to eat?
I find that the best time is right after the show.
Can you perform outside?
Yes, I can, but I prefer indoors.  A calm day in the shade works well.  If it’s windy, my props can blow around, and if it’s hot and not in the shade, it’s rough on the kids, me, and my rabbit.  There are also less distractions for the kids if we’re inside (other people, lawn mowers, bugs, etc.).  Did I mention that I prefer indoors?  🙂
What about pets at the party?
I love pets, but please keep them in an area away from the party.  They’ll be less stressed, and they won’t interrupt the show.
Where do you perform?
At your home or any location you host the party.

About Xakary FAQ

Xakary, Seattle's best birthday party magician

How long have you been performing?
I’ve been performing magic since high school (a long time ago…). I worked my way through college performing at various events, and then got a “real world” job in the software industry. Later, I created and owned Illusionz Magical Entertainment Center, an award-winning family entertainment center in Issaquah Washington that was themed on magic and closed in January 2007 after a seven year run. During the time it was open, Illusionz entertained thousands of children and adults, and I had the opportunity to hire and give feedback to many local magicians and see what worked and what didn’t work.  Now I’m performing fulltime all over the Pacific Northwest (parties, daycares, elementary schools, family events, scouts and more!).  I love my job!
Anything else?
I’m the proud father of 5 children (2 home-made, 3 adopted) and 3 grandchildren, so I know what parents are looking for when hiring entertainment for their special event.
Xakary the Magician