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NEW! Xakary now has a magic school!  Check it out by clicking HERE to go to his SeattleMagicAcademy site.  Kids age 7 to 12 will learn some amazing magic, along with life skills in this 12 hour course.  The course is usually split up over 8 sessions, but other options are available.

Below I have a couple of tricks you can print at home.

Stop by here regularly to learn really cool magic tricks that kids (and even adults) can do!


CLIPPED CARD Click HERE to be taken to the instruction page:

HOW TO MAKE A RABBIT DISAPPEAR Click HERE to print 2 copies of the trick (just cut the page in half) and the instructions.  It prints best on card stock, but will work OK on regular paper, too.How to make a rabbit disappear

Xakary the Magician