Hey kids (and adults too)… Here’s a FREE Magic trick that you can do!


If you already received Xakary’s special Clipped Card Trick at one of his shows, skip to step #3, Otherwise, you can make your own!

 Supplies needed:
  • Computer printer
  • Paper
  • Paperclip
  • Glue (glue stick or school glue work great!)
  • Scissors
 STEP #1 – Click here to download and print the file

STEP #2 – Follow the instructions on the printed paper to make the trick

STEP #3 – Come back here to learn the secret!

The Effect:

You show 5 cards with the ACE in the middle. While holding the cards with the faces up, you ask a volunteer to clip a paperclip on the ACE. That’s easy! Now you take the paperclip off and turn the cards face down, asking your volunteer to clip the ACE again. Everyone thinks the volunteer has clipped the ACE again, but when the cards are turned over, the volunteer wasn’t even close! This can be repeated a couple of more times and every time the volunteer is wrong!

The Secret:

The ACE card looks like it’s in the middle, but it’s really a bit off-center. To paperclip the ACE when the cards are turned over (showing their backs), you need to put the paperclip on the left edge of the last card on the right (the card showing it’s full back). Try it yourself.

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