MORE Magic Shows

  • Birthdays: I am one of the most popular kids birthday magician’s in the Seattle area.  CLICK HERE to get more information and an instant price quote today!
  • Preschool/Daycare/Summer Camp Shows:  I have many specially themed shows: Stranger Danger Kid’s Safety Show, “A Cat and a Hat and an Elephant, too!”, Halloween and Christmas. plus my “Just for Fun” magic show.  Some of the shows are designed for the 3-5 year old age group, others for the older elementary kids.
  • Elementary School Assembly or Library Shows: I have one of the most amazing school assembly and library magic shows you will ever find:  “Books! The Magic is Real!”  It’s a great show to get kids excited about reading. I also have a science magic show called “Wacky Science”, and an anti-bully magic show that never uses the word “Bully” called “Magic Words”.
  • Cub Scout Blue & Gold Banquet ShowA fun-packed 45 minute magic show featuring tricks customized for Cub Scouts (wait until you see what I do with a borrowed neckerchief!).  Plus, the scouts will learn a trick they can take home!
  • I Teach Magic!Magic Workshops can be done as a single workshop or as a series that culminates in a graduates’ magic show for their families.  Great for after-school or evening activities.
  • Show for teens and adultsOK, you want magic and comedy, but not the silly kid stuff.  I have a fun stage show as well as “Strolling Magic” where I mingle with your guests doing closeup magic for small groups at a time.  In my stage show I can saw someone from your group in half, just like I did on America’s Got Talent! These shows are great for festivals, holiday parties, grad parties, product kickoffs, and more!
  • Custom shows: If you don’t see a show listed that appears to meet your needs or is for some other special event, please contact me and I’ll put together a show specifically for you.

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